Language of silence

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A “pagan” asked Buddha, “With words, with silence, will you tell me (the Way)?”

Buddha silently kept meditating.

The “pagan” bowed and thanked the Buddha, saying, “With the compassion you have cleared away the clouds of my mind and have made me enter into the awakening.”

After he left, Ananda asked the Buddha what he had attained.

The Buddha said, “A good horse runs even a shadow of the whip.”



Buddha wisdom Quotes = 15

“In the end these things matter most:

How well did you love?

children 3

How fully did you live?

How deeply did you let go?”


Enlightenment : milestone 7

“I let my head fall back, and I gazed into the Eternal Blue Sky.

It was morning.

Some of the sky was yellow, some the softest blue.

One small cloud scuttled along.

Strange how everything below can be such death and chaos and pain


above the sky is peace, sweet blue gentleness.

I heard a shaman say once,

the Ancestors want our souls to be like the blue sky.”

Shannon Hale


Book of a Thousand Days

Dance of zero

Breath is truth,

like God.

neither attached nor detached.

breath in… love.
breath out…. happiness.
true ends of life…..

every breath invaluable…
earns…  invaluable happiness 



right hand … body

left hand ….  soul

bring them together… Like Namaste

become mirror of God…

minimum for 3 minutes

like prayers…..


balance of mind……

mind to no mind…


life is dance of zero .

love all.

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