Dance of zero

Breath is truth,

like God.

neither attached nor detached.

breath in… love.
breath out…. happiness.
true ends of life…..

every breath invaluable…
earns…  invaluable happiness 



right hand … body

left hand ….  soul

bring them together… Like Namaste

become mirror of God…

minimum for 3 minutes

like prayers…..


balance of mind……

mind to no mind…


life is dance of zero .

love all.

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share


SOS to God

morning ….. beautiful one with God grace ……..

you’re near me, darling can’t you hear me
S. O. S.

listening this song by ABBA …….

any thing which comes into existence has a mixture of time and timelessness …… experience and the essence ……

the above line from the song reminds me the nearness of divine and SOS brings in memory a mythological story …… which in fact is a visual art of communication and hidden behind is the understanding of complex matters with simple visual answers 



 this story  is ‘Gajendra Moksha’ and is a part of the Shrimad Bhaagvad Gita .

It is written, that he who reads the story of Gajendra, his mind will be purified

and he will be received by the Lord God Himself at the time of his death. 

Gajendra was the King of elephants. 

One hot day, he proceeded to the lake with his family to cool off in its fresh waters. 

But from within the lake a crocodile appeared who attacked him and would not let go of him. 

When the family and relatives saw ‘death’ coming close to Gajendra, and everyone realised that everything was lost, they left Gajendra alone. 

The symbolism so far: 

  • Man is Gajendra

  • The world, is the lake where he plays the game of life with family and others.

  • The crocodile is ‘Death and Difficulties’ which attack man.

Most of us cry out to God when caught in hopeless situation. 

And that is what Gajendra did with a beautiful prayer!

‘Please help me O Lord! Save me from the clutches of Death!’

How can an ordinary mortal recognize You, when great sages find it hard to achieve You? You are all merciful.

Take me to a place where there is no fear and death!

I am not asking you to save me from the clutch of the crocodile,


that I should survive this attack!

I am aware that I not only have a body of an elephant but also a fat mind of an elephant!

What is the use of keeping this life?

I want to be liberated from my Ignorant Mind which hides the resplendent soul!

I can only be saved by Your Grace!

Please hear my SOS …… 

It is said that if one recites the Gajendra Prayer, one achieves liberation and freedom from frightening dreams!

The Lord rushed to Gajendra’s aid. 

God attacked the crocodile and saved His Loved One.

The latter offered the Lord a lotus flower.

Lotus flower is symbol of purity and freedom  

The Lesson:

: ram0ram footnotes :

Click on the top picture of SOS to listen this song from ABBA 

SOS  or save our soul ….is the commonly used description for the international Morse code distress signal (· · · – – – · · ·).

This distress signal was first adopted by the German government in radio regulations effective April 1, 1905,

and became the worldwide standard under the second International Radio telegraphic Convention, which was signed on November 3, 1906

and became effective on July 1, 1908. SOS remained the maritime radio distress signal until 1999, when it was replaced by the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.

SOS is still recognized as a visual distress signal