spirituality = language of essence

watching Wimbledon is a seer delight but this happens with very few matches only…… some time it happens with first round and some time not  even with finals . ……..

one enjoys the match when both players are playing at the same level and finest accuracy and till last set or point one wonders who will win ……. the mystery remains till the last point …..

May be this is the reason that energy equation of cosmos as well as atom is zero for a good match of positive and negative and so on with all the duality 

there was this match till fourth set …….. hope will be able to watch one match extending up to 5 sets and till last game .

LONDON  – Eleventh seed Grigor Dimitrov is hoping a successful Wimbledon 

 after using up every ounce of effort to down dangerous

Ukrainian  twenty one seed Alexandr Dolgopolov

6-7 (3) 6-4 2-6 6-4 6-1 in the third round on Friday, 

certain matches are essence of 2 weeks of Wimbledon ……

Image credits : https://uk.news.yahoo.com/dimitrov-rallies-beat-dolgopolov-five-set-thriller-183329354–ten.html#mgye8JX

many time people ask what is spirituality …… spirituality is language of essence ……

our body know this language of essence


which it converts our food into blood and waste ……

blood circulates in our veins all across the body ……

it accepts the blood but does not refuse the waste but pumps it out 

our soul knows this language of essence …… which is eternal bliss …….

God also knows this language of essence ……

accepts only good but does not refuse the bad so life for all …… 

that is why Goodness is God 

life is a love game of birth and death ……

soul is referee witnesses this game ……  

keeping this essence of bliss is spirituality ……


spirituality becoming ritual of life is enlightenment …….

some people after book Own Zero asked …..

what is essence of  life’s  wisdom ……. so shared these 10 lines ……

“Enlightenment in a trice “

Snap fingers for God’s place ,

Learn to unlearn for space ,

Worship of work for space,

Mind to no mind for surface,

you to yourself for one’s face,

One to know one for grace,

Touch everyone for solace,

Shower happiness for human race ,

Sing new life for life’s ace,

carry in your heart divine’s mace

Snap fingers for God’s place

( click on the picture above to view OWN ZERO if you like )

love all

(c) ram0ram 

freedom to right copy and share 







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