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Good and God’s morning ……. as praying to rising SUN …. a eternal word of a great saint GURU NANAK DEV echoed in my being and that is …….


(MOOL MANTRA – root mantra) of the sacred text (Jap) written

by Baba Nanak Dev.

This passage allows one to focus energy to the inner self. It connects the outside world to the inside.

These passage is not only a prayer, but a practical guide to Conscious living, an inspiration for all of us to experience the beauty of Grace and to have a complete Cosmic experience.

Ik Onkaar, Satnaam Karataa Purakh, Nirabho Niravair,
Akaal Moorat Ajoonee, Saibhan Gurprasaadh ||

There is A Universal Sound resonating as the Absolute Truth.
This creative force is without fear and prejudice, Transcends mortality and reincarnation,
Become this Truth, allow Grace to unveil your Darkness.||

Jap || Recount And Meditate:||

Aadh Sach Jugaadh Sach…

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enlightenment : a innocent child inside

a logical or masculine mind of learning centers in head…..

a emotional or feminine mind of understanding centers in heart……..

a neutral mind or innocent child mind of eternal happiness centers in naval…..

return to be always a innocent child inside…. 

whether women or men outside….

this return is peaceful….

it is the flow of nature……

the continue cycle of creation and destruction in time …….

witness this remaining in the center with source is enlightenment…

love all.

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